BEGINNERS GUIDE What Is WordPress? Why Is It Free And Should You Use WordPress?

WordPress, WordPress, WordPress. Who are you? What are you? And where did you come from? Why do all these people keep calling you Open Source? What’s your deal? I mean, why do so many people love you so much? Why are you so powerful and versatile and beautiful? What can/can’t you handle? What is WordPress (WP)?

What can I say? I love WordPress way too much, just like my coffee and stout beer. If you love yourself some WordPress, you’re in the right place. If WP is all new to you, don’t worry one bit as this article will shed light on the basic aspects of WordPress you should know from today going forward.

If you’re seated and have your coffee (or whatever drink) ready, let’s start with the most fundamental question: What’s WordPress?

Going straight to the point, WordPress is simply a content management system (CMS). This wasn’t the case though some ten (10) years ago when WordPress was just a blogging platform. Today, besides blogging, you can use WordPress to build and run powerful websites of all demeanor.

If you will allow me to play the tech card, WordPress is a software script built on PHP and MySQL. It’s a fork of the b2/cafelog blogging software. The hell is a fork?

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